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Community Based Medical College(CBMC),Bangladesh

Community Based Medical College(CBMC),Mymensingh

It is a Private medical college of Bangladesh. Community Based Medical College Bangladesh was established in 1995, by Community Health Foundation Bangladesh is a college with a difference facilities.

Community Based Medical College(CBMC),Bangladesh

It was built with the following objectives:

Conceptual objectives :

1. To develop a community orientated medical education system which shall support.

2. a community orientated healthcare delivery system within the concept of National Health Policy.

3. to contribute modestly within the parameter of health and social science to the overall national efforts in achieving meaningful, self-sustaining quality of life and environment.

Institutional objectives :

1. To develop an educational system catering to the felt-needs and problems of the community with built-in flexible academic strategies based on continued feedback, monitoring, analytic and evaluation mechanism now aptly called Quality Assurance Mechanism.

2. to bring about qualitative attitudinal change in the terminal behavioral trait of the passing out doctorsgrooming them as sympathetically responsive and empathetically active towards patients;professionally competent and ethically sound persons of the society.

To achieve these objectives we must start from somewhere.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Community Based Medical College Bangladesh began its journey in 1995 and has already produced 479 medical graduates of whom 278 are male and 201 are female under the University of Dhaka.


Community Based Medical College Bangladesh,

Winnerpar, P.O: Churkhai,

Dist. Mymensingh-2200.Bangladesh.

Telephone : 091-53594/Ext. 101,102

Fax : 091-53594/Ext. 100

Mobile:01712275597, 01713036162