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Luzhou medical College

Luzhou Medical College, China

International Medical College of China

Luzhou medical College, China

Luzhou Medical College was founded in 1951.  It is one of the schools of higher learning in Sichuan Province, China. It is situated into two parts- Zhongshan campus and Nangao campus, covering 1,004,700 square meters.

The Zhongshan Campus is located on Mount Zhongshan surrounded by the Yangtze River and the Tuo River with a lot of green camphor trees, birds and flowers. The new campus-Nangao is newly completed with modern teaching facilities. During the past 53 years,Luzhou Medical College has developed into a society service center of teaching, medical care and scientific research in the connecting point of Sichuan, Yunan, Guizhou Provinces and Chongqing Municipality. It is a cradle for those students who are interested in the medical service of the world.
The students are from different  countries and 16 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalties of China and about 17,000 students are now studying in this college. The staff numbers more than 2,560 among whom more than 520 are professors and associate professors. They are mainly working in the field of Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with Western Medicine. It aslo has 5 non-subordinating hospitals and 39 teaching hospitals with a total of 15,500 patient beds.