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Observation: It is the process of wathcing and recording of events.

Observational Unit: The source that gives observations such as person, object etc. is call observational unit.

Data: A set of values recorded on one or more observational units.

Information: Data become information when raw data after collection are compiled, analyzed and organized for meaningful expression or presentation.

Variable: Variable is a characteristic of a person, object or phenomenon that can take on different values. ( e.g. person’s age, weight of a substance, income of a person etc.

Study: A scientific undertaking with a definite purpose or objectives.

Analysis: It is the process of organizing, summarizing and extracting information from the study units.

Interpretation: The process of making inferences and drawing conclusion regarding a research investigation.

Frequency: It is the number of occurrences of an item. It is the number of times a particular value is repeated is called frequency of that value.

Frequency distribution: The arrangement of the data into class intervals showing the frequency of each class is known as frequency distribution.

Population: Population or Universe means totality of the individual observations. It is entire group of people or study elements, persons, things or measurements etc.

Collected from Essentials of Biostatistics

By Dr. Md. Zahid Hossain Sharif.

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Be vegetarian

Some vegetarians avoid a simple myth, I heard over and over Factory: I heard that vegetarians may suffer from vitamin B12 in the diet of their lack of basis. A vegetarian, decided based on false information, a lot, they need to continue to eat animal protein. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

This does not mean there is a lack of vitamin B12 such a thing, because it does not exist. People who experience vitamin deficiency, and many suffer symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, digestive problems (such as stomach upset, diarrhea or constipation), numbness, confusion, memory loss, for example. It does not exist, but not because vegetarianism.

The fact is that vegetarians do not worry. They do not need to start taking supplements or eating a certain food yeast. The biggest lie, feeding the myth is known as vitamin B12, through the only source of animal food, meat and dairy products, etc.) basis. However, the lack of vitamin B12 need not be a cause for concern, even if only one person to eat plant food. According to Dr. Vivian V. Vetrano, coenzyme of vitamin B12 actually comes from, they are in the body (inside and around the mouth, for example) the bacteria.

In fact, in many cases, a lack of vitamin B12, according to Dr Vetrano, a sign of a larger problem, that is, not due to malnutrition, but the disease caused by a defect in general can not be resolved only by increasing the absorption The patients with vitamin B12. The reason is often because the problems in the digestive system, the state in the absence of cases, Dr. Vetrano body to absorb nutrients from food trouble. Lack of vitamin B12, on the contrary, is due to diet, in many cases, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, digestive system diseases caused.

I heard they are not vegetarians get enough protein in their diet, you know, this myth is really sure, vitamin B12 deficiency is a myth as well. In contrast, vegetarians need to focus on basic health care to eat foods, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains and fruits. The fact is that people should not eat meat or other animal products to survive and reproduce. Vitamin B12 deficiency is the vegetarian is just a lie, it should finally be laid to rest.