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study in China MBBS

Link EduChinaLINK, link Success.

As a professional international education counseling institution, EduchinaLINK International Education Counseling Co.,Ltd. bends herself to the development of oversea students’ study in China, so as to promote the exchange and cooperation of international education and impulse the internationalization of Chinese education industry.


Why EduChinaLINK ?

1. Having distinctive characteristic and diversity projects.

Our website shows you our distinctive characteristic, that is to put the enrollment—enrollment of overseas students for universities in China—in the first place. We can provide the opportunity to study in Chinese universities for MBBS, BDS, B.s.c Engineering, BBA, MBA, Postgraduate degree in various majors, Learning Chinese language, TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)and so on.

The main target is Medical, besides, we also have partners in other majors like Engineering. We have built partnership with many universities. On the bottom of this page, you’ll know some pictures about it. And you can also see the courses on the left twinkling “Study in China”.

2. Having receiving considerable publicity.

  We have 3000-5000 visitors on our website every day. And if you input the keywords ”study MBBS in China” in some search engines, you will see that educhinalink is NO.1 on Baidu (the largest search engine in China) and NO.15-NO.7 on Google in English. And educhinalink may rank among Top10 on Google in 1-3 months. These numbers show our excellence in this area.

3. Being non-profit. Releasing information for partners for free.

  Our website’s running is not for profit. We will release information like “its operating items” in a special web page for our partners for free. Here you can have a check.

4. Being distinctively excellent in services of all aspects.

  From airport pickup to job finding in China, we provide a series of considerate service for overseas students on every aspect to help to make their life in university more convenient.

5. Having multiple ways in enrolling foriegn students.

  However, this website contributes only a part to our today’s success. A more important way is that our foriegn partners always try their best to help students get admission of studying abroad in China. Our cooperation gets us a win-win situation.

Our success derives from helping international students to be successful!

 The essential objective of education is to help the student to become an useful person and have a successful life. This is a long-drawn flexural journey full of challenge and expectation. During this period, we will develop together with associated Chinese universities, global partners and international students.